BMW Service Engine Soon Light

How to Reset BMW Service Engine Soon Light

You’re driving along when all of a sudden your dashboard lights up with a check engine light. Now what? Is it safe to drive it, or do you need to pull it over to the side of the road? While BMW engines are designed to be reliable, there are a few things that can cause this light to turn on. We’ll help you learn what the difference is between a BMW check engine light and other check engine lights on other vehicles so you can make the right decision.

*First and foremost -be sure that the light isn’t on because your engine really does have a problem.

Specific Steps To Reset BMW Service Engine Soon Light:

  • Turn ignition on but do not start the car. If you have a START button on your BMW, press it but do not press the brake pedal.Press and hold the small odometer button until a service message appears.
  • Press to cycle prompts until you get one asking for a reset.
  • Press and hold the reset prompt until the message reads Reset Successful.
  • Turn the car off and repeat to make sure that it was in fact successful.

Get an OBD2 Scanner For Your BMW:

Here’s a great one:

Generic Steps To Reset Check Engine Light